Deceased Estates

Deceased Estates

Connected Inc can manage all aspects of having a Deceased Estate back onto the market in a timely and professional manner.

We can clear and sort nominated areas to whole households.

Unfortunately with Deceased Estates there always seems to be those other annoying issues that need to be addressed, such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting etc. Connected Inc members have a broad range of experience within the property and building industry, ensuring the “right people” will be available to present your property at whatever standard you require.

Property maintenance in the form of one off, or ongoing removal of rubbish and appropriate yard presentation is also available.

As a Not for Profit Charity based at Virginia, by engaging Connected Inc, you are ensured of a competitive pricing and the knowledge you are assisting a Charity within your Community, now that’s a Win, Win!


Please make contact with either Paul or Wayne for a free onsite assessment and quote, with no obligation.

Paul: 0417650818
Wayne: 0455724419

You can also contact us via email through our contact form.